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The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

Dec 24, 2021

Today, I am blessed to have here with me Tara Garrison. She is the founder of HIGHER, a Health & Life Coaching company that offers training, nutrition, mindset and biohacking coaching. She has helped many celebrities, professional athletes, and top executives optimize their health.

Tara is the creator of the popular Keto In & Out System and author of Short-Term Keto, in which she teaches how to “Do Keto. Not Forever” to optimize metabolism, brain power, athletic performance and physique.

She is the host of the Inside Out Health Podcast, a mom of 4, avid weightlifter, Boston Marathoner and lover of nature.

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In this episode, Tara talks about her health journey and why she finally decided to honor what was best for her unapologetically. We talk about how making significant changes can be uncomfortable, but Tara wants you to remember that discomfort is only temporary. Tara explains why you need to align with your truth. Plus, we chat about the reasons why you don’t want to be in ketosis your entire life. Tune in as we dive into the importance of salt, ditching your carbophobia, and how to start implementing carbs back into your lifestyle.

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[01:10] How Tara Started Unapologetically Honoring What Was Best For Her

  • Weight has been an issue for Tara since the third grade. 
  • Being a stay-at-home mom was definitely not aligned with Tara’s personality.
  • She felt sad and depressed as a stay-at-home mom. 
  • Tara started weightlifting because the gym by her house only had weights and treadmills. 
  • After lifting weights for eight months, Tara looked exactly the same. So, she decided to switch her nutrition – she went from 40% body fat to 11% body fat. 
  • Then, Tara found keto. She felt healthy in both her mind and her body. 


[11:20] The Discomfort That You Have To Go Through Is Temporary

  • The life of your dreams is a life of alignment with yourself and your authentic self.
  • Exercising and diet is a temporary stressor. 
  • You aren’t going to be stressed forever. 
  • The actions required for you to gain muscle is going to suck. However, your body is excellent at retaining muscle. So, the discomfort is temporary. 
  • How you see yourself matters way more than how everyone else sees you. 


[17:30] Why You Need To Align With Your Truth

  • Most people know that they need to stop exercising and sleep more.
  • If you have hypothyroidism, you're super inflamed, your CRP is off the charts, and you're exhausted, then yes, you need to sleep more!
  • Training is inflammatory, and if you’re already inflamed, there will be problems. 
  • You already know what you need to do; listen to your body.
  • Trust your feelings. 


[21:15] Why You Don’t Want To Be In Ketosis For Your Entire Life

  • If you love being in ketosis, you can stay in it for as long as you want. 
  • If keto doesn’t feel as good as it used to, then you may want to switch things up. 
  • Keto impacts our neurotransmitters and our mental health.
  • When you eat a diet that is mostly fat and protein, your body will favor dopamine production. 
  • When you eat a diet that's mostly carbs and protein, you will favor serotonin production. 
  • If you're not eating carbs, you're not going to favor serotonin production as much. 
  • One of the reasons you should carb cycle is to improve your emotions and mood. 


[31:20] Guess What? Insulin Isn’t The Enemy! 

  • If you don’t have high blood sugar, then insulin isn’t the enemy.
  • Insulin is an energy shuttling hormone. It takes glucose and places it in our bodies. 
  • We can store anywhere from 350 up to 800 grams of carbohydrates in our liver and muscles. 
  • Athletes can eat a lot of carbohydrates and not be obese because of the energy they are using. 
  • If you aren’t exercising, your body will store carbohydrates as fat storage. 


[36:00] Tara Always Trains When She Is Fasted – Here’s Why

  • Tara always trains fasted; it’s great for your metabolism.
  • If you are healthy, you should be able to train fasted in the morning.
  • If you can’t train fasted, then you have some work to do with your blood sugar regulation. 
  • Tara will thrive off of adrenaline during a fasted workout. Eating will bring your adrenaline down. 


[39:20] Adrenals and Salt: The Importance of Sodium On Keto

  • If you don't have enough salt on keto, your kidneys will excrete aldosterone, and then you'll start to have high adrenaline and high cortisol long-term.
  • Rushing women syndrome is a hallmark of adrenal stress. 
  • If you’re not okay with sitting still and being calm, then you have adrenal stress. 
  • Also, if you feel overwhelmed, then you have adrenal fatigue. 
  • So, make sure to monitor your salt intake. 


[43:55] Are You Scared of Carbs? How To Address Carbophobia 

  • We have to foster a healthy mindset around the fact that you're not eating carbs when you're doing keto.
  • Carbs are not going to kill you. 
  • China has an obesity rate of 5 to 6%, they eat more rice than any other country in the world. 
  • In America, we have a 42.4% obesity rate. It’s not just carbs that are making you fat. 
  • Carbohydrates are not inherently bad for us. It’s what happened to our metabolism from sitting all day, overconsumption, and processed foods. 


[50:20] When You Should Start Implementing Carbohydrates  

  • During keto, if you don’t feel that great anymore, it’s time to start eating carbs again. 
  • If you’re working out more, you can start using carbohydrates to fuel your body and workouts. 
  • If you’re not sleeping well and have diarrhea, you should introduce carbohydrates again.
  • Being moody is also a sign that you need to add carbohydrates. 




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