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The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

Jul 26, 2019

In this episode, we’ll talk all about counting calories.

Here is an overview of this episode:

  • Why cutting calories only works short term
  • The difference between intermittent fasting & counting calories
  • Where the energy expenditure hypothesis came from (this will shock you)
  • Why you cannot outsmart the human body

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03:45 A story about a woman named Sandra who hired a nutritionist to help her lose weight, and this nutritionists (backward) approach of telling her to eat less and move more. This story powerfully illustrates why you cannot outsmart the human body.

08:03 Where did this energy expenditure hypothesis come from, and why are dietitians and nutritionists still promoting this? This will shock you. 

08:35 Faith vs fear. Faith and fear both demand for you to believe in something you cannot see; you choose!

09:12 Food is information. What really matters are the hormonal response from calories. We are a dynamic system. At this point of the episode I give an analogy I learned from Gary Taubes

10:10 A simple example of why quality is much more important than quantity. I can give 500 calories to one person of brownies day after day. I can give the same 500 calories to another person of a kale salmon salad day after day. Will there be a difference? You bet!

10:48 A brilliant analogy from Dr. Jason Fung about proximate cause vs ultimate cause.

12:30 With calories in vs calories out, you don't have enough data. It doesn't tell you about hormones, cell membrane inflammation, mold exposure, silver fillings, and many other hidden stressors contributing to weight gain. 

13:10 The difference between intermittent fasting while cutting calories, and cutting your calories while eating small portion control meals every 2-3 hours. The biggest difference here is counter regulatory hormones. Intermittent fasting is not about eating less, its about eating less often. 

15:45 There's a cause of every effect. We don't lose weight to get healthy, we get healthy to lose weight. Einstein said it best, "Intellectuals solver problems. Geniuses prevent them." 

16:15 A perfect example of why chasing symptoms only sets you up for longterm failure. 

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