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The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

Dec 27, 2021

Today, I am blessed to have here with me Angela Foster. She is a functional nutrition practitioner and executive health & performance coach. Angela is host of the top rated High Performance Health Podcast where she interviews the world’s top experts in health optimization for high performance.

Angela is available as a keynote speaker and corporate trainer on the topics of physical and mental health optimization, stress, resilience and longevity. For more information on Angela’s talks and training, click here.

Angela creates step by step solutions for individuals – through coaching and consulting and public speaking and media – to optimize every aspect of their mind, body and spirit to live a fulfilling and limitless life.

Whether you want to enhance your longevity and reverse your biological age or optimize your energy, productivity, cognitive and physical performance, Angela will create the uniquely bioindividual plan to help you do this.

After rebuilding every aspect of both her mental health and physical health, Angela understands what is needed to optimize your physical, mental and spiritual fitness and become the resilient human who can have it all – the health, wealth and relationships.

In this episode, Angela speaks about getting diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and discovering the connection between her brain, body, and immune system. After having three children, Angela fell into a depression; she gives tips on treating your mental health today. Then, we dive into the brain and gut connection and how you can heal naturally. Tune in as we chat about the importance of sleep, hormones, and improving your health.

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[01:15] Angela Speaks About Her Journey To Health

  • Angela was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). She was being prescribed Metformin, and Angela had insulin resistance.
  • After doing research, Angela started to understand that there was a connection between PCOS and what she ate.
  • When Angela had the surgery for PCOS, she found out about her endometriosis.
  • After having three children, Angela realized there is a connection between the brain, the body, and the impact on your immune system.


[06:30] Advice For Dealing With Depression

  • The first thing you need is acceptance.
  • In life, the only thing you can be certain of is change.
  • Anything you can do to create peace in your life will be helpful to you.
  • If you want to run away from yourself, how are you going to sit with yourself?
  • Work on dealing with small moments first.


[10:40] The Brain and Gut Connection: Depression Is Linked To Leaky Gut

  • About 90% of serotonin is made in the gut. You can help your gut to create more serotonin.
  • Aligning with your circadian rhythm will also improve your brain.
  • Natural light from the sun will significantly improve your circadian rhythm and allow you to get more sleep at night.
  • Women are depleted of vital nutrients, particularly things like DHA in the brain.
  • It takes a woman two years to recover from pregnancy.


[14:10] How You Can Reverse Your PCOS For Good

  • PCOS is a syndrome and is related to insulin resistance.
  • Carbs, stress, and not sleeping will raise your blood sugar.
  • Some people are genetically more carb sensitive.
  • Having protein and healthy fats are really key things that make you feel better.
  • If you have too many carbs, you will feel quite foggy.
  • Another thing that improves insulin sensitivity is strength training.


[21:30] Sleep Is An Essential Pillar of Health  

  • Sleep is going to make everything else in your life easier.
  • In Angela’s corporate job, people would brag about only getting three hours of sleep at night.
  • Most people need seven or eight hours of sleep.
  • You are compromising your health and the way you look when you get less than six hours of sleep at night.


[25:35] Tips For Getting Better Sleep At Night

  • How well you sleep tonight is going to be changed by what you did this morning.
  • Get outside early in the morning.
  • That way, you're really regulating the cortisol and melatonin cycle.
  • Red light therapy is also a beneficial tool.
  • Another tip for getting better sleep at night is limiting your exposure to blue lights.


[31:10] Hormones: Know When To Dial Back Your Stressors

  • Make sure you have a nutrient-rich diet and you are not constantly stressing your body out.
  • Everyone should fast for at least twelve hours every day.
  • For women, there’s a time when you can push and stress your body, and there are times when you should not.
  • Before your period, you're naturally going to have higher levels of inflammation, so it’s time to do less high-intensity exercises and start dialing things back.


[35:00] The Importance of Insights On Your Health Journey

  • You need to know how you feel when you wake up in the morning.
  • If you don’t have a way of tracking, then it will be challenging to know when things start to change.
  • If you can’t afford trackers, just start with pen and paper.
  • A CGM is probably the best thing you can get to really fine-tune your eating behavior and lifestyle behaviors.


[37:45] Fuel: There Isn’t A Perfect Diet That Fits Everyone  

  • There isn’t one diet that works for everyone; however, there is a perfect diet for you.
  • You can test some of your genetics to understand your sensitivities around carbs and fats.
  • Eating a more ancestral diet is really important; take out processed foods.
  • How you treat your body is the greatest gift you can give yourself.


[42:30] Train Your Body and Train Your Mind

  • You need strength training to maintain and build muscle mass.
  • Also, you want to do some cardiovascular training.
  • The more muscle mass you have, the better insulin sensitivity you're going to have as well.
  • Walking is underrated; you need to get up and get your steps.




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