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The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

Jan 22, 2021

Are you looking for serious weight loss on the ketogenic diet? This episode reveals 5 ways to reset your fat burning hormones with ketosis. You'll understand why keto is the best diet for weight loss because it focuses on reducing inflammation and burning fat.

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Whether you are looking to follow the keto diet for beginners, or if you've hit a plateau (weight loss stall) on keto, this video will provide you with clarity for great keto results.

Tip 1: If you’ve been doing keto for longer than 3 months, start the keto flex by following the 4-2-1 rule.

Tip 2: Remove hidden inflammatory foods on the keto diet which cause a keto plateau. Here you will see a keto diet plan for weight loss.

Tip: 3: Build a strong foundation by improving sleep and stress.

Tip 4: Do this 4 step routine 5 times per week. Green Tea 20 minutes HIIT (burpees, jump squats, push ups, lunges) workout. Start with 5 minutes of core, then do TABATA followed by a 30 minute walk Cold Shower Continue fasting until afternoon. Break the fast with mostly protein, some fat, no carbs

Tip 5: Take these 2 supplements for keto weight loss. Get in your astaxanthin

Astaxanthin accumulation in skeletal muscle has been shown to reduce hyperglycemia and ameliorate insulin secretion and sensitivity by improvement of glucose metabolism and β-cell dysfunction by GLUT4 regulation Astaxanthin administration increases the translocation of GLUT4 transporter and PGC-1α, which increases the level of GLUT4 Study - Asia Pacific Clinical Nutrition This double blind, randomized, placebo controlled study included 41 patients ranging from 30 to 60 years of age with type 2 diabetes who were not on insulin therapy. Each patient consumed 8 mg of astaxanthin or placebo daily for 8 weeks. As a result, the astaxanthin group demonstrated an increase in adiponectin concentration and reduced visceral body fat, triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and systolic blood pressure.

Astaxanthin Supplement: 8mg per day

Zinc mimics insulin Zinc ions can bind to insulin receptors and activate insulin signaling pathways Believed that zinc ions inhibit glycogen synthase kinase-3beta (GSK-3beta), serine/threonine protein kinase linked with insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes Study - Journal of Diabetes After a year, 25% of the placebo group developed type 2 diabetes and of the zinc group, 11 percent developed type 2 diabetes. The zinc group also had a lower fasting plasma glucose, oral glucose tolerance test, homeostatic model assessment of insulin resistance as well as lower scores for total and LDL cholesterol. There was also “significant improvement” in beta cell function seen in the zinc group

Zinc Supplement: 30 mg per day

Credit to Thomas DeLauer for his research on astaxanthin and zinc.

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