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The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

Nov 27, 2022

Ben Azadi reveals on stage at the BioHacking Congress 2022 in Miami Beach, Florida, the 3 ways to fix your metabolism, reset your gut & calm inflammation with the best bio-hacks for health.

You'll learn how the keto diet helps with weight loss, how intermittent fasting fixes digestive problems, and more.

So many people struggle with a slow metabolism and poor gut health. What if there was a way to bio-hack your health? In this Ben Azadi live lecture, you'll learn how to boost your metabolism with the keto diet. The keto diet done the right way can be the best bio-hack for weight loss and longevity. If you've been wondering what to do if you have a slow metabolism, this video is for you

If you've wanted to know does intermittent fasting help with digestive problems, the answer is YES! When you practice intermittent fasting, it is the best way to reset your gut and fix acid reflux, gas, bloating, indigestion and other gut issues. Watch the full video if you are interested in biohacks for weight loss with Ben Azadi from Keto Kamp.

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