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The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

Oct 28, 2019

Today, I am blessed to have here with me, Jay Campbell, a best-selling author, podcast host, and champion male physique competitor.


Jay is also the Founder of and the globally recognized TOT Revolution and Optimized Life Podcasts. Both podcasts interview the top Optimization physicians and Subject Matter Experts who answer questions and provide their decades of experience to help Men and Women become fully optimized. Jay also created OptimizedForever, the world's #1 premium group for optimizing hormones and long term health.


Jay is a champion male physique competitor who, along with his wife Monica co-founded, the #1 site on the web for people who want high quality and scientifically backed information on staying fit above 40. Jay is also the Co-Owner of (with wife Monica)-a mega-production eXp Realty residential real estate team in Southern California.


In this episode, Jay and I talk about what inspired him to enter the health and wellness space – Jay has always had a keen ability to understand the human body and the different physical talents people possess. First, Jay describes what consciousness means and speaks about his life-changing trip to Peru. Plus, Jay explains how to eliminate fear from our lives by understanding the law of attraction. He also describes the correlation between sleep, muscles, and longevity. Tune in!


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[08:50] How Jay Got Involved in the Health Space

  • Jay recently came back from Peru – the energy completely transformed his being.
  • Jay is blessed to observe the human figure and has always been able to see people’s athletic abilities. Even as a young child, Jay could see how high a person could jump or how fast they could run.
  • Jay never got into the fitness game full-time until the last seven or eight years. He is continually learning and studying everything about health. At 40, he took his knowledge and continues to push it into mainstream media.
  • When you become a creator, you end up creating so much that you don’t even observe all the things you have put out.
  • “I’ve been blogging since 2003.”


[14:00] About Consciousness

  • It’s an awareness that we are energetic beings. If you could pull back our meat suits and look into our souls – you would see plasmatic electric energy. This could be in the form of an orb. Consciousness is understanding how much more we are than our physical bodies.
  • Truthfully, life is happening fast, so consciousness is difficult to explain. Consciousness and awareness are interchangeable.
  • People who are resistant to the idea of consciousness can still feel it.


[17:00] About Jay’s Trip to Peru  

  • Jay has always been a man that is interested in the realms of understanding mankind’s true ancestry.
  • Jay took massive amounts of videos while in Peru. It is one of those places that defies all logic and reasoning. You become exposed to energetic density – it brings you into a different experience.
  • He hiked insanely beautiful and majestic peaks. He climbed 18,000 feet to the most spectacular view. Check it out on Jay’s Twitter.


[27:00] Ways to Eliminate Fear From Our Lives

  • The best way to eliminate fear is to understand quantum physics.
  • Everything is conscious, alive, and has light in it. We are all beings of energy. The world is a gigantic construct of energy – the energy is infinite. Once you realize this, you know you will not die. When our bodies run out of time, our energy will never stop – it continues, evolves, and expands.
  • Why would you do anything negative? When you speak, act, and think it should always be positive. Media, technology, and the internet want to create a victim culture. It is so easy to play the victim card.
  • Part of being human is understanding that we make every decision in our lives.
  • Do your best to put forward positive words, thoughts, and actions. Everyone knows the law of attraction – what you put out will come back to you.


[32:30] The Correlation Between Muscle and Longevity  

  • Muscle is the most significant deterrent against all the diseases in aging.
  • The more muscle you have in the body, the following things will happen:
    • Burning calories more efficiently
    • Less body fat
    • Greater bone mineral density
    • Makes you insulin sensitive
    • The better you can eat carbs and get away with it


[35:45] Women and Muscles

  • Women never eat enough protein. They end up having spine issues as they get older because they stop producing calcium.
  • A woman has to go to the gym and do resistant type training to strengthen the spine.
  • Don’t think that building muscle means you will look like a bodybuilder.


[39:15] How Sleep Affects our Muscles

  • Jay always tells people that sleep is the number one most disturbing biological function that people experience.
  • We are destroying our ability to sleep by having technology in our rooms.
  • If you aren’t sleeping, then you have no control over your energy.
  • Fat loss happens during sleep – it doesn’t happen at the gym. Sleep is more important than nutrition and exercise.


[44:30] Weight-Loss Tips From Jay

  • The average person who goes to an insurance-covered doctor in America, the likelihood you will be misdiagnosed is over 95%.
  • People are prescribed drugs that make it so much worse. Plus, medications will make our bodies worse and drain us of our money.
  • Metabolic flexibility is where it is at. You have to be able to choose macro and micro fuel sources based on your energetic demand. For instance, if you are a long-distance runner, you might want only ketones for fuel.
  • Fasting for women should be 16-18 hours. For men, it should be at least 20 hours.


[52:15] How to Utilize Fasting

  • If you want to be a person that loses massive amounts of fat mass in the fastest time possible, learn to fast four times a week and train the other three days.
  • Eat keto at night on your fasting days. On your training days, try and consume a low amount of carbs. If you do this for a month, you can lose 10% of pure body fat.


[57:20] Jay’s Definition of an Optimized Life

  • An optimized life is a person who has mastery over spiritual, mental, the heart, and physical aspects of the body.
  • What good is a physical meat suit that is shredded if there is no mindfulness training being completed?
  • All of these things are synergistic.




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