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The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

Mar 23, 2020

Celebrity trainer, entrepreneur, and author, Thomas DeLauer. Thomas was hyper-focused on his business… a successful business at that, but he was afraid to step away or divert in any way towards anything else. As a result he was overweight. The only thing that getting healthy would do would shift time away from what mattered to him most (money and providing for his family).

He had the hard-wiring to be excellent at both physical performance and business… They could complement each other. He became obsessed with homing in on exactly what made him an excellent businessperson. Thomas applied discipline and knowledge to his health and made some promises to himself. In a rather short amount of time, he went from being 280 lbs to 185 lbs and on the covers of some of the largest health and fitness magazines in the world. Now, he writes for some of the largest fitness publications in the world as an expert in diet, nutrition, and mindset.

Thomas became a coach after he knew that he could provide what was needed to get the world’s best businesspeople the results that they need to be a better spouse, feel better, perform better, and increase their bottom line. The best part is so much of this can be done without dramatically changing your life, and seeing the optimization take place in his clients is sincerely the reason he continues to do this.

Nowadays, Thomas lives in Santa Barbara, CA with his wife, four dogs, and three horses. They enjoy an active, outdoor life that allows them to optimize every aspect of their lives.

In this episode, Thomas Delauer dives deep into his story and why the fitness industry dropped him. Thomas decided to speak about health and fitness on his YouTube and Facebook; people ended up loving what he was saying. Thomas talks about how inflammation can lead to weight gain; he describes ways keto can be anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory. Plus, Thomas reveals the biggest mistakes made in the ketogenic diet and the biggest mistakes made when fasting.


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[00:30] About Thomas Delauer

  • Thomas stepped out of his corporate role and committed his life to the fitness industry. His story is fantastic, so he was able to get on the cover of magazines.
  • However, Thomas realized the fitness industry was all about looks. How you look should only be a reflection of how you feel on the inside.
  • Thomas realized he needed to bridge the gap between health and fitness. The fitness industry dropped Thomas because he was no longer speaking about what they wanted to hear.
  • When Facebook changed their algorithms, Thomas decided to work on YouTube to get his message out. If you put a YouTube video out, people will be able to find it for years.

[09:25] How Inflammation Leads to Weight gain

  • LDL and chemicals will pool up in your blood and cause damage.
  • Our gut is a fragile ecosystem. When our lipopolysaccharides get into the bloodstream, they create a world of hurt. If you have heard of leaky gut, then you know what Thomas is talking about.
  • When you are inflamed, your gut cells will become inflamed. Your gut will become weak and disrupted. They will block your ability to process glucose. Eventually, it leads to insulin resistance, which will lead to weight gain.
  • You can change a lot with your diet, but you can change more with your lifestyle.

[13:00] What Can Cause Leaky Gut

  • It depends on the person.
  • Dairy and grains can be issues.
  • Anytime you consume something so much, your body starts to develop an immune response to it.
  • Anything can be inflammatory.
  • High fructose corn syrup is a big problem.
  • Almonds can cause inflammation in one person and cause no problems in another person.

[15:30] How Keto Can Be Anti-inflammatory and Pro-inflammatory

  • Keto can be anti-inflammatory because ketones are a signaling device. Ketones are a fuel, like a macronutrient. However, they also transmit a signal that helps reset the body. Ketones have the ability to communicate to reduce inflammation.
  • The purpose of keto is to try and control inflammation.
  • When you start eating too many omega 6 fats and low-quality oils, you will develop a problem. Omega 6s are from soybean oil, sunflower oil, and canola oil. They are already rancid. Some omega 6s are good. When they are unstable, and in abundance, it will cause inflammation.


[27:00] The Three Biggest Mistakes with Keto   

  • Consuming too many Omega 6s.
  • People freak out too much about protein.
  • Eating processed foods. If you are consuming a lot more calories because it’s processed, then it’s going to be easier to overeat.

[34:00] Staying In Ketosis Too Long

  • If you go for too long, you can make yourself glucose intolerant.
  • Your body can reject the glucose and send your blood sugar too high. This will happen until your body can adapt to glucose again.
  • You should be cycling in and out of ketosis.
  • What happens when you reduce your fat intake and increase carbs? The body starts pulling fat from your body.
  • We are always changing

[37:40] The Biggest Fasting Mistakes

  • Breaking a fast improperly is a mistake. You are so sensitive to what you consume. When you break a fast, keep it lean and clean. Do not go sloppy when you break your fast.
  • Keto coffee and bulletproof coffee will break your fast. 500-600 calories of fat will break your fast.
  • Over ten calories or so will break a fast.
  • People get addicted to fasting. There is a binge and purge type of mentality. Fasting should be healthy, not something to deprive ourselves. It should help us challenge ourselves and make us stronger.
  • Do not fast when you are sick.

[42:30] Do What Works For You

  • Some people have various strategies for different things.
  • For instance, some people don’t listen to Thomas because they may not agree with his keto content, but they agree with his fasting content.
  • We don’t all have to agree on everything.


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