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The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

Nov 25, 2019

Welcome to the Keto Kamp Podcast Episode 63 with Shay Rowbottom!  


Today, I have here with me, Shay Rowbottom, influencer, and content creator. Shay has created millions of dollars, millions of followers, and billions of video views for her clients. 


Shay Rowbottom is the co-founder and former COO of a Facebook agency that worked with companies like Petco, Yahoo, Verlo, and dozens more in creating content and devising content strategies for social media.


Since joining the LinkedIn platform in May of 2018, Shay has grown to over 130,000 followers, garnered over 20 million views on her content, and generated seven figures in sales for partnering media companies. Now, she’s ready to share her strategies with you and produce the same kind of results for your brand.


In this episode, Shay Rowbottom explains her various health issues growing up, including her permanent cough, acne, digestive problems, asthma, and eczema. Shay’s doctor prescribed her to a low-carb diet, and breathing exercises – all of her health problems were magically gone in a matter of weeks. Then, Shay discusses the many issues with the vegan diet and other food trends in the United States. Stay tuned to hear Shay explain her LinkedIn success and why you need to create a LinkedIn profile!


[05:00] About Shay Rowbottom  

  • Shay’s mother was very conscious of sugar products and knew that low-fat products were not ideal.
  • At age eleven, Shay became a vegetarian. For four years, Shay did not eat meat (or vegetables)! Her meals consisted of bagels and pizza. At age fifteen, Shay was sick and sluggish.
  • Shay’s immune system was compromised – she had a permanent cough. On top of this, she had acne, digestive problems, asthma, and eczema.
  • Shay saw a doctor who promised she would cure her health issues. The first thing she did was put her on a strict diet of no gluten, dairy, or eggs. Plus, Shay was prescribed breathing exercises. Within two weeks, Shay’s asthma was gone.
  • “My body runs best without carbs.”


[13:50] Eating Fats and Organ Meats

  • Organ meats were a total wake up call for Shay. We are not supposed to be eating muscle meat. The heart and liver are where the nutrients are. Beef is delicious – she eats 100% grass-fed pasture-raised red meat.
  • “I’m a beef girl.”
  • All the minerals are in the organ meat. Shay loves the beef heart.


[16:45] Problems with the Vegan Diet

  • The commitment is so damaging. In one month, you will feel amazing and decide to commit to it for life.
  • When you start craving meat, your commitment will make you ignore the signs of your body.
  • When you commit, it makes it so hard to get out of the lifestyle.
  • Anytime you define yourself with a diet; you put yourself in a box.
  • If you eat the right animal products, you won’t be contributing negatively to the environment.
  • Any extreme is not good. People get too caught up in the lifestyle. Most vegans will return to eating meat in their lifetime. Your genetics will determine how long it will take for you to get sick.


[23:20] Alcohol Cleanse

  • Shay did one month with no alcohol. She never felt better! Then, Shay extended her cleanse to four months. It was such a pleasant experience, and she ended up changing her relationships with alcohol.
  • Sobriety also helps with health.
  • Keto and wine are no fun! Alcohol will raise your glucose and knock you out of ketosis.


[27:55] Bad Health Trends

  • The food in the United States isn’t really food. We all go to these restaurants and eat these foods that aren’t real.
  • These foods are killing us slowly. We are a depressed society – we have a lot of issues with unresolved mass trauma. It has created a strong culture of addiction.
  • “We don’t make it easy for people to heal.”
  • At the end of the day, we can blame the system. However, we can also blame the market. Money speaks, and our dollars are buying sugar.


[31:00] Vegetable Oils

  • Find restaurants that don’t cook with vegetable oils. If we change where we put our dollars, then we can make a big difference.
  • Tell restaurants you aren’t going to eat foods with vegetable oils. Create your own life.
  • When you love and respect yourself, you don’t want to put harmful foods in your body.
  • “People are sick and tired of being sick and tired.”


[33:50] Self-Love

  • A lot of us get away from our intuition as a kid. Shay trusts her gut. She listens to it and follows her gut and knows how to set boundaries.
  • Shay still does the breathing exercises that she learned as a kid.
  • Plus, Shay is easy with herself and forgives herself often.


[35:20] Get on LinkedIn

  • Shay got on LinkedIn to attract leads to her business.
  • LinkedIn is the best platform to reach educated people with money. Plus, it gives the most generous reach with video content. You’ll get the cheapest views with the most educated audience.
  • Shay coaches Ben on LinkedIn.
  • Check out Shay’s Linkedin!




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