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The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

Feb 1, 2021

Today, I am blessed to have here an expert in pathogens, food sensitivity testing, and a wide range of related health problems, Reed Davis.

Over 20 years ago, Reed recognized people were caught in a “cycle of trial and error,” and he committed to being the last person they needed to see. While working with top leaders in alternative medicine, he ran thousands of labs on thousands of people and learned to identify “healing opportunities.”

Using all-natural, drug-free protocols, Reed made observations about who got better and who didn’t, codifying which “general principles of health building” would outperform “specific treatments” being provided by standard and even alternative medicine.

And through this work, he then developed the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Certification Course and D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success Protocol® to educate and empower as many people as possible about how to get well and stay well naturally, so they, in turn, may empower others to do the same.

Using his experience as an Environmental Paralegal, training as a Certified Nutritional Therapist and Fitness Coach, he served as the Health Director and Case Manager at the Better Health & Wellness Center in Poway, California for over 10 years.  Reed’s experience in these areas served as the foundation for the development of the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Course, where he has taught nearly 3,000 FDN trainees and graduates in over 50 countries.

In this episode, Reed Davis opens the show describing the inspiration behind his career in the health coaching industry. Reed likes to educate people on how to become their own health detective. A massive mistake that health detectives make is that they only run one test based on their symptoms. Instead, we should be running multiple tests to finding the root cause of our symptoms. Plus, we talk about Reed's favorite hormone tests, and Reed reveals the truth behind adrenal fatigue. Tune in as we dive into how our bodies are capable of healing themselves.

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[00:30] About Reed Davis

  • Reed worked as an Environmental Paralegal. When he saw how bad the environment was, he wondered what was going on with the people living in this environment.
  • So, he turned his attention less on the planet and more on humans. Working at a clinic, Reed fell in love with working on patients.
  • Eventually, Reed learned how to do labs, and he fell even more in love with the clinical side of work.
  • Now, Reed has at home programs.
  • However, Reed is not a physician, so he has to be careful not to diagnose people. Yet, he can still help people by giving them things to do at home.

[10:30] The Mistake Health Detectives Are Making

  • Health detectives often only run one test based on their symptoms.
  • For instance, if you only run a thyroid test, then you could be missing something even more significant.
  • Reed thinks health detectives should be looking at all factors and healing opportunities.
  • There isn’t just one cause; instead, there are going to be a bunch of causes.

[16:20] Reed’s Favorite Hormone Tests

  • For hormones, Reed Davis likes to measure cortisol. Cortisol doesn’t work well with blood. No one is going to draw their blood four different times during the day. So, he wants to do something convenient like saliva and urine.
  • Whatever information they get, then they can create benchmarks. Down the road, that person can retest, and they will see how their hormones change. When people are compliant, they get results!

[17:45] Other Tests That Reed Likes To Utilize

  • Bodily fluids and hair tests are also useful.
  • There are always new tests coming out for health coaches.
  • When someone has a health complaint, they go to the doctor and get standard blood work done. However, standard blood work doesn’t say much about the person. Plus, the doctor will try and fix the symptoms rather than finding the cause.

[22:30] The Truth Behind Adrenal Fatigue    

  • Adrenals aren’t getting tired; they are getting the signals mixed up.
  • There are four different layers behind the adrenals that produce different substances.
  • Cortisol is produced in the adrenals. When you are stressed, then you should have cortisol. That way, there is power for fight or flight.
  • The adrenals will get messages from the brain.
  • Adrenals are very sensitive, and the environment can mess with them.

[25:40] All About Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN)

  • Reed didn’t come up with FDN until he had to name his work.
  • The body is designed perfectly; our body knows what it needs to do. So, it’s about the function being natural and healthy.
  • Diagnostic is not medical; it’s diagnostic by nature because Reed will look at data.
  • If you’re ready to help others or yourself on a deeper level, to enhance your skillset and set yourself apart from other certified health coaches and professionals, and fix what is wrong with your clients or yourself… apply to FDN:

[40:00] Our Bodies Can Heal

  • Point “A” is how you show up, but point “B” is not the end of all your problems.
  • Instead, FDN wants to point you in the right direction and get you on the path to true health.
  • If you have an extreme medical problem, then you will need ongoing oversight from a physician.
  • Physicians meet needs, and health coaches meet needs.
  • The trick is to focus on the needs.
  • Prevention is a huge factor for our health.


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