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The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

Dec 28, 2022

Today, I am blessed to have here with me Rachel Scheer. She is a Certified Functional Medicine Nutritionist who received her degree from Baylor University in Nutrition Science and Dietetics. Rachel has her own private nutrition and counseling practice located in McKinney, Texas. If your goal is to optimize your hormones and gut health, have better energy, or lose weight and keep it off Rachel can help you!

This episode originally aired in August 2021.

Rachel’s journey as a nutrition coach began in weight-loss and athletic performance. However, a couple years into her practice she began to suffer from severe gastrointestinal dysfunction (IBS.) After many false diagnoses, spending thousands of dollars on doctor visits and tests, and one doctor even suggesting the removal of her entire large intestine, Rachel decided to take her health into her own hands.

Using her knowledge in nutrition and dietetics Rachel became an expert on gut health and hormonal balance and completed her certification in functional medicine through the Kalish Institute. Rachel says “using a functional approach and focusing on the health of the gut microbiome saved [her] life.

Rachel’s nutrition philosophy is one that looks at the total person. She uses functional lab testing to address the root cause of any imbalances in the body and creates a customized program consisting of dietary recommendations, supplements, and lifestyle modifications to optimize your health and wellbeing.

In this episode, Rachel opens up about her story of becoming one of the world's top health and fitness influencers. On the outside, Rachel had the "perfect body." However, on the inside, Rachel was suffering from gut issues, depression, anxiety, thyroid problems, and hormone imbalances. Rachel speaks about how she reversed her health, and we dive deep into the importance of your gut health. Plus, Rachel reveals what things you need to avoid in order to have a healthy gut. Tune in as we chat about the importance of lean muscle mass and why you might benefit from hiring a health coach.

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[00:20] How Rachel Became One of The Top Health & Fitness Influencers In The World

  • Growing up, Rachel could literally eat whatever she wanted and whenever she wanted to eat.
  • Rachel decided to go to Baylor University for Nutrition Science and Dietetics.
  • At college, Rachel started weightlifting, fitness competitions, and bodybuilding.
  • She was known as someone who could maintain this incredible physique for so long.
  • Fitness was an outlet for Rachel to escape her trauma.

[04:20] Rachel Was Close To Getting Her Entire Large Intestine Cut Out

  • Rachel suffered from a lot of chronic gut issues.
  • She realized that bodybuilding wasn’t healthy; she was miserable on the inside.
  • During her bodybuilding days, Rachel had hormonal imbalances, her thyroid took a massive hit, she was depressed, and she had anxiety.
  • Rachel’s gut issues were severe – whenever Rachel ate, she had massive pain.
  • The gastroenterologist wanted to cut out her large intestine. Something in Rachel’s gut told her not to do the surgery. Instead, she went down the road of functional medicine.

[15:40] A Guide To Increasing Diversity In Your Gut

  • Food is a great way to increase diversity in your gut.
  • More diversity in our gut leads to more leanness, which can help improve our metabolism.
  • The first thing you can do is feed the bacteria in the gut by increasing more fibers. Green bananas are a great way to increase diversity.
  • Figure out a way to rotate some of the foods and fibers that you’re eating.
  • “Food is going to be the number one source of fuel for a greater diversity in our gut.” -Rachel Scheer

[23:45] The Worst Foods You Can Eat For Gut Health

  • Sugar
    • A lot of pathogenic bacteria thrive off of sugar in the diet.
    • Sugar also leads to obesity which will wreak havoc on our gut microbiome.
  • Vegetable oils
    • They create massive inflammation throughout our entire body.
    • We can metabolize sugar, but we can’t metabolize these seed oils.
  • Medications (antibiotics, antacids, PPIs, and birth control)
    • Birth control can deplete the body of key micronutrients. It can wreak havoc in our gut microbiome not only because of depleting the nutrients, but it can cause an imbalance of bacteria.
    • Most people have too much stomach acid, and we overuse antacids.
  • Stress
    • Stress causes us to be in a catabolic state.
    • When our digestive system is not really working because we're in a stress state, this can lead to a lot of bacterial overgrowth.
  • Unresolved trauma
    • People who've gone through trauma actually have a low vagal tone.
    • When we go through periods of stress, our gut is affected.
  • Sugar substitutes
    • Use monk fruit and stevia instead of other popular substitutes like sucralose.
  • Dairy and wheat
    • Most of us can't really break down lactose.
    • Try to do an elimination diet by removing dairy.
  • Raw diets
    • Raw vegetables have a lot of insoluble fibers.
    • In general, we need to cook our food.

[43:25] Building Lean Muscle Mass Important For Longevity

  • Protein is incredibly important for our skeletal muscle mass.
  • When we don't have adequate skeletal muscle mass, we have higher levels of blood sugar and higher levels of insulin.
  • The number one reason why people end up in nursing homes is for sarcopenia.
  • Overall, we need to eat high-quality protein and increase skeletal muscle mass in the body.

[48:25] Which Is More Important: A Physical Six-Pack or a Mental Six-Pack?

  • Rachel says a mental six-pack is more important than a physical six-pack.
  • Losing weight won’t make you happy. Instead, who you are as a person will make you happy.
  • Always work on being the best version of yourself and always do things that will improve your mental health and wellbeing.

[40:55] How To Respond To Hateful Comments and Messages Online

  • People like to put you down and criticize you online. Usually, it’s all about the person that is doing the criticizing.
  • When you stand up for the things you believe in, then no one can make you feel bad.
  • You have to know undoubtedly who you are and what you stand for.

[56:55] The Benefits of Having A Coach On Your Health Journey

  • If there's anything you want to truly excel in, you should work with an expert.
  • You are the greatest investment you can ever make.
  • Too often, people think the cost of a coach is too high. However, you are the only investment that you can make that will continue to give back to you.
  • Find a coach in every area of your life that you want to improve in.


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