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The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

Oct 21, 2019

Today, I am lucky to have here with me, Jeremy Abramson, the founder of the E3 Lifestyle brand. Jeremy Abramson's purpose in life is to cultivate community and create a lifelong impact on people's lives. After moving his entire life to Florida, overcoming being homeless, and losing what at the time he considered his dream job, he founded E3 Lifestyle.


The E3 Lifestyle brand combines Abramson's knowledge of the mind and body, with his passion for helping others. As the Chief Energy Officer, he is dedicated to helping others unleash their full potential. Abramson has received some of the most coveted certifications in the industry and studied alongside elite professionals like Wim Hof, Aubrey Marcus, Ben Greenfield, and Lewis Howes.


Today, Abramson travels the world, optimizing the health and happiness of athletes, government officials, youth, and high-level CEO's. His customized training, performance, and mindset practices bring out the full capacity and productivity of his clients. The most recent aspect of E3 brings wellness directly into the workplace. He has been brought in as a speaker by brands like WeWork, Capital One, and Miami Made to implement his wellness training programs and inspirational speeches.


As a philanthropist, he makes giving back a priority, talking to youth at several local nonprofit. In 2017, he partnered with Maison Fortuné Orphanage in Haiti and returned for a second trip the following year. As his business and digital following continue to build, his influence follows. In January 2019, he rolled out his first highly anticipated online program, CLIMB. The program aims to optimize your human experience through habit change and self-awareness. It has already been recognized as one of the most impactful coaching programs in the industry.


In this episode, Jeremy and I talk about what has inspired him to start the E3 lifestyle. First, Jeremy reveals how to navigate our self-limiting beliefs. These thoughts we tell ourselves usually come from our childhood. Recognize when these thoughts happen, and think about why this is a story you are telling yourself. Plus, Jeremy explains how to tell your family and friends about the ketogenic diet – especially those people who may not be completely supportive. He also describes the Stand Up 2 Sitting movement and how Jeremey is starting his nonprofit next month. Tune in!


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[10:30] Jeremy Took a Chance on Himself

  • Jeremy found himself so fascinated with all aspects of health. The last few years have been Jeremy putting in the time and effort to become more knowledgeable and meet more people.
  • This is just the beginning for Jeremy.


[16:30] Navigating Self-Limiting Beliefs

  • Mental health and mindset are kings.
  • It is essential to step back and think about your childhood. Where did these self-limiting beliefs come from?
  • We may not even be conscious of these thoughts we have been having.
  • A typical example is your parents getting a divorce when you are nine years old. From that event, we start to tell ourselves so many different stories. We build perceptions, and we think they are the truth.
  • People do not know they are capable of these great things.
  • Build self-awareness as to why you are having these thoughts.
  • Who are you spending your time with? If you are with people who are constantly complaining and bringing you down, that is what you are going to manifest.


[22:25] Getting Out of the Victim Role   

  • Our struggles are part of our unique journeys.
  • Adversity will manifest in our lives in some way.
  • You will be able to connect on such a deep level with so many people.
  • Find the silver lining – it’s all about perspective.


[24:30] Family Who is Unsupportive of Keto

  • Give them the opportunity to understand. Tell them why you are trying the lifestyle and ask if they will support you on the journey.
  • A lot of the time, they will still think you are crazy.
  • Prioritize yourself – so many times we will put other people first. Fill your cup up first. If you feel terrible every day, how are you going to show up for other people?
  • Small changes will profoundly manifest into bigger ones.
  • Consistency is king. Jeremy doesn’t train that hard. He just lives a balanced life.


[30:30] Attitude and Enthusiasm  

  • Jeremy has always had a childlike joy with a goofy sense of humor.
  • There have been times where Jeremy has gone through struggles. He handled it by keeping them to himself.
  • He credits his optimism to his dad, his biggest hero. His Dad always preached gratitude from a young age. He started giving Jeremy gratitude stones. If they ever came across a problematic situation – Jeremy’s dad would remind him of how lucky they are.
  • Always treat people with respect and kindness. Sometimes, Jeremy does not do a good job at this. However, he still works on bringing good vibes to a room.


[40:00] Exercising on an Airplane

  • Jeremy posted a video of him doing dips on the airplane and lunging down the aisle.
  • Jeremy’s body was feeling stiff, and he needed to stretch.
  • Some people hated his video – if he weren’t white, he would have been arrested.
  • Street performers inspire Jeremy because they share their gifts with the world.


[43:45] Causes of Inactivity

  • We spend eight or nine hours straight sitting. After work, we come home and relax. We could spend ten or twelve hours a day sitting.
  • The seven areas of the world with the highest quality of life do not even workout. They are active throughout the day – they move every twenty minutes.
  • Find alternative postures. Jeremy posts a lot of videos on this. Standup desks are trendy right now. They are not a great solution because if you are standing in a fixed position – it’s not that different than sitting all day.
  • A ten-minute walk will do so much for you, especially outside. It can boost your creativity by up to sixty percent.
  • Find someone to hold you accountable.


[50:40] Most Exciting Thing Jeremy is Working On

  • Jeremy is launching a nonprofit next month. He is bringing fitness to urban areas – places where there might be poverty or crime.
  • He wants to install bars to do pullups and do kid-like things. Jeremy wants to teach them simple things to move their bodies and have fun. He is starting in Miami then moving to South America.
  • Jeremy is all about multiple impact streams. He wants to help the youth get strong and share some laughs.




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