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The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

May 27, 2023

This is a lecture that I gave at FAENA Hotel’s “Ultimate Wellness Workshop” on May 12, 2023 in Miami, Florida, located in their Tierra Santa Healing House. In it, I talk about how metabolic flexibility is the key to longevity and how we can use intermittent fasting strategies, as well as ketosis, to detoxify and heal our bodies. I’ll touch on diabetes, insulin resistance, CARBS, symptoms and innate intelligence. 

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00:00:00 Is there a health problem in the United States?

00:02:57 Why do hospitals have junk food?

00:03:46 Why does the federal government issue damaging dietary guidelines?

00:05:19 Is it possible for the human body to heal itself?

00:05:54 Is a cured patient a customer lost?

00:07:53 What is the main cause of insulin resistance?

00:08:40 How much sugar does the average person consume?

00:10:28 Why are carbs bad for your health?

00:12:04 Are babies naturally in ketosis?

00:12:44 Is ketosis a natural state for your body to be in?

00:13:25 What percent of Americans are metabolically healthy?

00:14:30 Do vegetable seed oils cause inflammation?

00:15:34 What is the half-life of vegetable oil in the body?

00:16:19 Why do apples brown so quickly?

00:17:01 Is vegetable oil unstable?

00:22:22 Does fasting improve the gut microbiome?

00:24:14 Does digestion drain energy?

00:25:52 Is it healthy to be a grazer?

00:26:53 Does intermittent fasting regulate blood sugar?

00:28:24 Why is fasting different for women?

00:31:45 The 5-1-1 Rule

00:34:04 My Weight Loss Transformation Story

00:36:55 What is the purpose of the reticular activating system?

00:37:36 Does gratitude improve health?

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