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The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

Mar 23, 2021

Today, I am blessed to have here with me Lance W Essihos. He is the host of the University of Adversity Podcast. He created this podcast to help people learn from stories of adversity, which has ranked Top 50 on iTunes Worldwide and the Top #5 in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 20 Podcasts That Will Help You Grow in 2020 List.

Lance W Essihos is a top-ranking podcast host on Apple Podcast, Spotify, YouTube, and more. He created a platform so that people can learn from stories of adversity, grit, and success. He has interviewed over 300 inspirational people all over the world which has seen global success, ranking in the top 20 on Apple podcast charts in Canada and the Top 100 in all major markets, including and not limited to Australia, Japan, Uk, and the USA.

As an experienced veteran with adversity, Lance has faced some of life's most difficult challenges. He battled an addiction to drugs and alcohol for over a decade, lost his brother to suicide, and lost his father to cancer. 

As a promise to himself, Lance made a goal to create a new life for himself by leaving an impact on as many people as possible. His goal was to leave the world in a better place than he found it. Lance has made it his mission to facilitate the message of positive change through adversity and encourage people to see the light through the darkness of life's worst moments.  

Today, he has surpassed his mission of making the world a better place and continuing this journey. Lance has given other people the platform to tell their stories of adversity and hardship. He has also empowered countless others to overcome the challenges they are facing in their own lives. Lance is a role model to those who want to better themselves, seek personal development, and desire long-lasting fulfillment.

In this episode, Lance opens the show by speaking about his personal transformation journey. As you may have guessed, Lance has faced loads of adversity in his life. He talks about the obstacles that he has had to overcome to become the man he is today. We do a deep dive into adversity and how you can take your adversity and turn it into a life of abundance and happiness. Plus, Lance gives practice tips on how you can begin your own personal transformation today. 

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[00:45] Why Lance Essihos Describes Adversity As Is His Greatest Teacher

  • Lance has been on a journey of personal transformation and growth for the last few years.
  • Growing up, he was trying to become an NHL hockey player. Sadly, his parents split up, and he moved across the country. At his new school, Lance was bullied terribly.
  • Then, Lance got the stepmom from hell, which made his life even worse.
  • Looking back, all this adversity was his greatest teacher.
  • Eventually, Lance discovered alcohol – it allowed him to numb his feelings and realize that he can invent a new person.
  • A few stupid mistakes cost Lance his career – he experimented with steroids and felt like he let his family down.
  • Later, Lance lost his younger brother to suicide and his dad to cancer within 18 months. It was a total wake-up call.
  • He has learned to accept his story - all the good, the bad, and the ugly.

[09:55] Getting Clear And Finding Fulfillment After Overcoming Adversity

  • In order to achieve anything great, there's always going to be some sort of resistance.
  • Adversity is a level of struggle or resistance that is going to challenge you.
  • We need to see adversity as necessary.
  • The challenge is resistance for getting us to the next level.
  • Fulfilment comes from overcoming something that you felt you couldn't do.

[14:45] How To Start Building That Life Of Abundance And Happiness

  • First, pay attention to how you feel. What story are you telling yourself? So many of the stories that we tell ourselves just aren't true.
  • Get clear on what you want your story to be. Getting clear will take a lot of contemplating and reflecting.
  • We get to create the present moment as a fresh, clean slate.
  • An action step would be to start journaling - the awareness and the consciousness is so important.

[18:35] Sacred Takeaways & What To Understand From Using Ayahuasca As Medicine

  • Lance had a deep calling to do this medicine – ayahuasca.
  • This medicine has a lot to do with answering your intuition.
  • Ayahuasca is a mixture of powerful plants. It creates a psychedelic experience that will force you to look at your subconscious thoughts. Usually, things that you don't want to look at. Lance’s journey is to help people heal and help people transform. He likes to experience the different modalities of transformation, including ayahuasca.
  • The power of the medicine literally changed Lance’s life.
  • Lance has had a lot of anxiety and fear in his life - it forced him to sit through that.
  • Plus, everybody has to learn to trust themselves. Ayahuasca is one way to start that journey.

[27:40] The Powerful Story Of Conquering Trauma, Addiction & Professional Hockey

  • Lance interviewed Theo Fleury- he was sexually abused and has such a powerful story.
  • Theo shook up the world. His story forced people to look at their life and have conversations that are uncomfortable.
  • That episode was really important for Lance, and it inspired him and on so many levels.
  • You can listen to this episode here:
  • They dive into Theo’s incredible life journey, the struggles he’s been faced with, and what he had to do to overcome them in order to become the man he is today.

[32:00] Practical Ways To Transform Your Life Using Gratitude & Writing

  • Gratitude will completely transform your life. Start at the very basic level - you have to start somewhere.
  • Pick up a journal and start writing.
  • If you're struggling, the best way to express yourself is in your journal - start with your gratitude list.
  • Next, start breathing. Just watch your breath.
  • Another strategy is reading. Reading is a great way to calm your mind.
  • Don’t check your phone for sixty minutes after you wake up.
  • “Discipline equals the freedom that you want.” -Lance Essihos

[42:05] Healthy Eating To Fuel Your Mind, Body, & Spirit

  • Pay attention to the things that don't serve you.
  • If sugar doesn’t make you feel good, then don’t eat it!
  • When you eat well and focus on sleep - it just completely changes everything.
  • The key is fine-tuning what you thrive on best.

[46:50] How Lance Is Changing The World & Improving People’s Lives

  • This book, Mastering Adversity, will help you go from living your life in the backseat as a victim into the driver seat of empowerment.
  • Lance tells people how to develop a deeper awareness, understanding, and acceptance of ourselves and our stories so we can begin to create new stories, a new identity, and a different perspective on adversity in our lives.
  • This book is written for those whose vocabulary boils down to challenges and adversities. The reader is ready to get out of the backseat of victim mentality and into the driver seat of empowerment.
  • Pre-order Mastering Adversity:


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