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The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

Aug 14, 2020

Experiencing a headache on keto or intermittent fasting? Discover 3 reasons why you get keto headaches, and what to do about it! ▸ [FREE] 🔥E-BOOK: "The Keto Kickstart Guide: 4 Steps to Burning Fat Instead of Sugar" |

The Art of Fasting Webinar:

It's common to experience headaches on the keto diet and/or intermittent fasting. There's 3 reasons why this happens. This video breaks down all 3, and what to do about it. Be sure to check out the timestamps and resources below.


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00:55 The first reason why people experience headaches: going into ketosis too fast. This can create a hypoglycemic response which can freak out your brain. If your brain is accustomed to using glucose, and now glucose is low; symptoms will occur. This is why I teach a gradual approach into ketosis. Go low and slow.

02:05 Why eating more protein can help. Add extra protein with your meals, and see if this makes a difference.

02:18 Are you fasting too soon? When you fast before you have metabolic flexibility, the brain and body will experience headaches. Get Keto adapted first, then add intermittent fasting.

02:47 The second reason; electrolyte deficiency. When you transition into ketosis, you are burning off your sugar reserves. When this happens, your kidneys release a lot of water/electrolytes. This is why its important to constantly replenish your electrolytes.

03:29 Drink the Keto Kocktail each morning. 16 ounces of water, 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, a pinch of sea salt and cream of tarter.

05:20 The third reason: toxins being released. Toxins love fat; when you start burning fat cells on keto, the body will release these toxins and you can experience symptoms.

05:50 Toxins create fat cells via the PPAR-Y pathway. The body wants to survive, so it will not let these toxins reach vital organs, so it creates fat cells as a home for these toxins. These are the toxins that are being released when you burn fat on keto.

07:55 Eat these bitter rich foods to stimulate bile. Bitter rich foods helps remove these toxins, and helps you break down fat.

Recommended Bitter Rich Foods to Stimulate Healthy Bile:

Dark Chocolate (85% or more)









09:45 Digestive bitters with water is another good idea.

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