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The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

Jun 29, 2019

This first episode is very special to me as I am joined by my coach, mentor and friend, Doctor Daniel Pompa. Not only is Dr. Pompa my coach and mentor; he is the world leader in cellular detox.

Having battled and emerged victorious over a debilitating battle with chronic fatigue syndrome, Dr. Dan Pompa, PSc.D, has embraced his God-given mission to assist others who face similar challenges. Dr. Pompa earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Life University’s College of Chiropractic in Marietta, Georgia in 1995 where he graduated second in a class of 150. His journey back to health continued to lead him to a voracious passion to research and learning beyond what is often readily understood.

Dr. Pompa has established his coaching and teaching on a firm and proven conviction that the crisis of modern-day allopathic medicine is the sad result of physicians chasing symptoms with medication rather than addressing the root cause of disease.

In this episode, Dr. Dan Pompa shares his personal story of mercury poisoning and how he converted his pain to purpose. Listen and learn all about Dr. Dan’s expertise which includes fasting, autophagy, diet and more! This episode is jam-packed with information so you definitely don’t want to miss this one! 

We cover many facets of the fasting and toxicity that are contributing to disease, and Dr. Pompa gives it to us straight:

  • There's 3 big stressors contributing to disease in our society. You cannot get well until you address this. 
  • Antibiotics are killing more people than they are helping.
  • The 3 supplements he has all of his new patients stop taking immediately. With a bonus 4th supplement. 
  • The amazing tumor shrinking benefits of fasting, and details on dry fasting vs water fasting.

Listen in on this informative discussion about why so many people don't feel good even though their blood work looks "normal".

Enjoy the show!


[0:33] Growing up ‘Pompa’: A Different American Household

  • While Dr. Pompa did have vaccine shots, he never had any antibiotics.
  • His bricklayer and home doctor father always doctor him - bandaging him up, sterilizing his wounds and stitching his wounds.
  • Dr. Pompa’s father was in the military during World War II and during that time, they doctor themselves.

For Dr. Pompa, there is a time and place for antibiotics. One of those instances is when his son, Simon, got bone infection. 


[3:33] The problem with taking too much antibiotics

  • Antibiotics wipes out microbiomes which is 70-80% of your immune system and it creates immune problems later. 
  • After World War II, we all though antibiotic is our savior but we’ve learned a lot this past few decades.
  • Antibiotics created more disease than the number of lives it saved. 
  • People get slapped with antibiotics when they have pneumonia or sinus infections.
    • Antibiotics cannot fight viral infections.
    • Because of this, a lot of superbugs and resistant bacteria that are now killing people. 


[5:21] Dr. Dan’s journey to becoming a health practitioner

  • Dr. Dan loves the book Doctor Dan, the Bandage Man
  • Being a pre-dental college student and a wrestler:
    • His interest was always health
    • Cutting weight/calories didn’t make sense to him 
  • Reading fitness magazines and muscle and fitness:
    • How to keep your muscle and be as lean as possible
    • Cutting calories don’t work. You lose strength.
  • In Ocean City Maryland, Dr. Pompa ran a marketing sales crew and they all ended up on the Pompa Diet 


[10:30] Life as Dr. Pompa knows it came into a screeching haul

  • As a chiropractor and a cyclist, Dr. Pompa was in a great shape until he got sick.
    • From fatigue and anxiety, he had insomnia, panic attacks and he got allergic to everything he was eating.
    • He can’t even watch a movie. 
    • He became irritable, angry, or simply someone he didn’t know.
  • In 2005, he started getting his life back.
    • He and his wife grew their family. They adopted two kids who lost their parents tragically and they had another son.


[14:42] Dr. Dan Pompa continues his personal story of mercury poisoning

  • Searching the internet and reading literature, he came up with him having Mad Hatter Disease. However, blood test results came back negative. 
  • A very bright endocrinologist advised him to do another test, one that is based on tissues not blood, and found out he has mercury poisoning.
  • Chronic mercury poisoning from Amalgam Fillings: from Pain to Purpose
    • Silver fillings in amalgam fillings contain 50% mercury
    • The golf crown creates an electrical current with the silver fillings and made the mercury flow out of the fillings
    • Studies have shown that the number of silver fillings you have in your mouth is proportional to the number of mercury they find in your brain on autopsies.
    • Mercury accumulates in the brain through time, particularly in hypothalamus pituitary which controls your thyroid and your adrenals. 
    • Dr. Pompa had to get the mercury out of his brain safely and correctly to ultimately get his life back


[20:44] Detox downstream analogy

  • The analogy:
    •  If you’re downstream trying to fix the river and get fish to repopulate the stream of the river, while upstream, they’re still dumping mercury or lead into the river, you’re never ever going to get the fish to take population again. 
  • All of those detoxes are too far downstream to what the real problem is.
  • Metals, mold and hidden infections are the top three big ones that people miss upstream. 
  • Detox at the cellular level is the ultimate solution.


[23:56] Why are dentists still doing root canals and still put silver fillings in people’s mouths?

  • There was a documentary called Root Cause featuring opinions from doctors and dentists from around the world on the health effects of the root canal procedure.
    • The American Dental Association (ADA) urged Netflix, Amazon and other companies to remove Root Cause, which they believed is a documentary spreading misinformation. 
    • A hundred percent (100%) of root canals is infected yet dentists are still doing them because it is the cash cow of dentistry.
    • There’s a growing group of dentists called Biological Dentists who are not doing root canals anymore.


[27:42] The 180 Degree Solution

  • Watch what the media says and do the opposite. 


[28:20] Fasting and Autophagy: A Powerful Combination

  • Fasting
    • Beyond Fasting, Dr. Pompa’s new book. Available for pre-order at
    • He started learning about fasting in the 90s.
    • A client of Dr. Pompa fasted for 26.5 days and her tumor’s size declined significantly 
  • Autophagy
    • The body’s process of recycling its own damaged tissue into usable energy during times when food is not present.
    • Fasting and ketosis shrink tumors via autophagy
  • Fasting and Autophagy
    • Partial fasting involves eating 500-1000 calories, keeping protein under a certain amount, and gives autophagy.
    • Dry fasting gives 3x autophagy. 
    • A 24-hour hard dry fast is equal to 3 days water fasting in terms of autophagy 


[39:24] A peek on Beyond Fasting, Dr. Pompa’s new book

  • Diet variation is one of the quickest ways to lose weight.
  • When we vary our diet, the hormonal shifts for adaptation re-establish and trigger the body’s ability to burn fat for energy.
  • Healthy bodies thrive when forced to adapt both physically and mentally.
  • The key is to get your cells hear the hormones better.
    • Toxins block hormone receptors. 
  • The key is in the variation.


[43:36] The problem with staying in Ketosis for too long

  • Staying in any diet for too long literally creates problems with your microbiome because you are not forcing adaptation.


[45:20] Three supplements that people are usually on and have to immediately take off

  • Probiotic
    • People stay on the same probiotic all the time.
    • Taking one probiotic that has 7 bacteria in it, you end up too many of those.
  • Multi-vitamin
    • Multi-vitamins are typically in inactive forms and can create more stress on the liver
  • Vitamin D
    • Most people taking vitamin D doesn’t have balance of the other fat-soluble (Vitamin A, E, and K) which leads to functional deficiencies. 




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