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The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

Jan 27, 2020

In this interview, I'm with health and fitness expert Drew Manning. Drew is the New York Times best-selling author of Fit2Fat2Fit: The Unexpected Lessons from Gaining and Losing 75 lbs on Purpose and has for years been a leading voice in the burgeoning Keto Diet movement.


Drew is also the creator of the A&E Show Fit to Fat to Fit and the host of The Fit2Fat2Fit Experience podcast. With over a million social media followers, Drew continues to transform people's lives all around the world.


Known for his straightforward and empathetic fitness and health coaching, Drew has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show, CNN, Good Morning America, The Tonight Show, The View, and MSNBC, among other media outlets. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his daughters, who remind him every day not to take things too seriously.


In this episode, Drew opens the show explaining his Fit2Fat2Fit movement. Drew has always been in phenomenal shape – he couldn’t understand what his overweight clients were going through. In order to understand, Drew gained 75 lbs and lost it again. Drew talks about the difference between burning sugar and fat and why he ultimately decided to follow a ketogenic lifestyle. Stay tuned to hear Drew discuss gratitude and how to avoid the keto flu.


[04:00] About Drew Manning

  • Drew had never been overweight in his life. He couldn’t understand his clients – they wouldn’t go to the gym and wouldn’t eat healthily. Drew decided to gain weight to understand his clients better.
  • At first, gaining weight was fun. Cereal and soda taste amazing. The first few months were easy. Then, it shifted. Going up the stairs was difficult, and he started snoring.
  • Plus, Drew was greatly affected mentally and emotionally. He didn’t know who he was when he was out of shape. It opened his eyes, and helped him find his meaning.
  • When Drew switched back to eating healthy foods, he felt miserable. Drew suffered from headaches, a severe lack of energy, and mood swings.


[12:15] The Fit2Fat2Fit Movement

  • In 2011, Drew started with zero connections. A fitness blogger posted his story, and Yahoo picked it up. Drew’s website crashed because all sorts of TV shows were trying to get ahold of him.
  • Eight years later, Drew is still talking about his story and has two seasons of his TV show.


[16:10] Why Drew Chose the Ketogenic Lifestyle

  • Drew likes to do experiments on his body. He found out there were all sorts of scientific research on the ketogenic diet. Drew did a sixty-day experiment on himself. He didn’t lose any weight, fat, or muscle, but he felt amazing.
  • Drew went from eating six meals a day to eating two meals a day. His brain has never felt so mentally clear. Plus, his digestion is better.
  • No longer did Drew feel like he was a slave to food.


[21:15] The Difference Between Clean and Dirty Keto  

  • When Drew first started the ketogenic lifestyle, he simply cut carbs. It was an uneducated form of keto.
  • There are different levels of keto. You can keep taking amazing steps – Drew is always changing, evolving, and upgrading.
  • Drew uses a whole foods approach. In America, there are convenient keto options, even though they are not the cleanest ingredients.
  • Dirty keto has evolved and become more popular. Drew suggests people stop eating nuts and dairy if they are still feeling inflamed.
  • “Just because you are in ketosis, doesn’t mean you’re healthier.” -Drew Manning


[28:45] Following Keto Without a Gallbladder  

  • People without a gallbladder have a hard time digesting fats in a keto diet.
  • Drew found an enzyme that will assist most people with their digestion.
  • Gallbladder removal is the number one surgery in the United States.


[30:00] The Difference Between Burning Sugar and Burning Fat

  • Most people are sugar burners because they have cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and pasta for dinner.
  • When you eat fewer carbs, your body will retain less water. When you retain less water, you miss out on essential minerals. Therefore, when you transition to the keto diet, you will experience the keto flu because of an imbalance of electrolytes.
  • When Drew says electrolytes, he does not mean Gatorade!
  • Drew tells people to take sodium, magnesium, and potassium. Plus, you need to be drinking a lot more water.


[32:50] The Habit of Practicing Gratitude

  • “Anytime you hit rock bottom, you become a better version of yourself.” -Drew Manning
  • People overlook the importance of overcoming mental challenges to make keto a lifestyle change.
  • Gratitude is a daily task that Drew asks people to do.
  • If you write three things that you are grateful for, then throughout the day, you will look at situations in your life differently.
  • Complete Keto is about a complete transformation rather than just a physical transformation.


[40:55] Drinking Keto Coffee

  • Drew’s favorite keto product is keto coffee.
  • He uses MCT oil powder and his salted caramel keto meal replacement with collagen.
  • Drew uses Purity Coffee for his beans.




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