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The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

Jan 25, 2023

Today, I am blessed to have here with me Dr. Gonzalez. He obtained his Ph. D and BS from the University of California, Irvine where he studied, and his thesis addressed interactions of the immune system following spinal cord injury. In addition to his expertise in degenerative disorders involving the spinal cord, he has extensive experience in stem cell culture and biology from various sources. He has extensive knowledge in all aspects of cell biology and health where he teaches worldwide on regenerative medicine and maintaining immune health.

This episode originally aired in August 2021.

Dr. Gonzalez is responsible for the development of clinical stem cell applications for several disease/trauma states. He leads 4 different investigational new drug applications with patented stem cell technology. Additionally, he works on the clinical development of immune based therapies using natural killer cells. He had led a reference laboratory in testing various regenerative medicine products. Dr Gonzalez has been in the regenerative medicine field for more than 18 years and has several scientific publications. He has taught, spoken and led many conferences nationwide in the regenerative medicine sector.

In this episode, Dr. Gonzalez reveals the inspiration behind his career in the stem cell space. We speak about why cell therapeutics is known as the wild west and the amount of FDA testing Dr. Gonzalez goes through to ensure safe products. Then, Dr. Gonzalez dives into what exactly stem cells are and how they can improve the natural processes that are already occurring in your body. Tune in as we talk about the importance of fasting, turning your life around after an autoimmune diagnosis, and who should consider getting cell therapeutics.

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[00:45] Why Dr. Gonzalez Started In The Stem Cell Space

  • At college, Dr. Gonzalez studied embryonic stem cell research in spinal cord injuries.
  • He loves to understand and study cells.
  • Stem cells have properties that can heal the body.
  • Plus, Dr. Gonzalez believes that stem cells can work against aging.
  • In fact, stem cells are made naturally inside our body.

[08:00] The Wild West of Cell Therapeutics & FDA Testing

  • Any form of cell therapeutics is like the wild west.
  • When you submit for the cells to have a Chemical Manufacturing Composition, it takes years.
  • Gonzalez got his first clinical study approved in 2019 with the FDA.
  • Essentially, the FDA boils down to the amount of testing. They are always ensuring that the product is safe.

[13:05] How Stem Cells Can Improve The Natural Processes In Your Body

  • Pompa and Dr. Gonzalez have been looking at using stem cells to control the inflammatory state and increase blood flow.
  • We need increased blood flow because you’ll notice brain fog and a loss of energy without it.
  • The natural property of our body is actually to increase blood flow any way that it can.
  • The cells in your body have three fates:
    • Natural cell turnover
    • Necrosis
    • Senescence
  • When our cells stop dividing, they start occupying space and cause havoc. These cells can cause wrinkles and gray hair.
  • There’s a cell type in our body that is a natural killer. These cells have three jobs:
    • Remove a cancer cell
    • Pick up viral load
    • Wipe out senescence cells
  • If you don’t have immune health, you essentially have nothing.
  • Every single disease has an immune component to it.

[22:10] The Critical Role Fasting Plays In Longevity

  • Aging is an issue of cell growth. If you consume food incorrectly, your body has to process all that.
  • When you keep dividing cells, you are causing senescence.
  • One proven lifestyle change for longevity is fasting.
  • Also, diet is important because you force your body to remove the toxins in your body.


[26:00] Transform Your Health With ReHealth’s Cell Therapeutics

  • Learn about ReHealth here:
  • Register at the website, and they will contact you.
  • The consultation is completely free.
  • Depending on what you are looking to achieve will determine what type of therapeutics you should consider.
  • Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy can help with the aging process.

[30:30] How To Start Getting Your Life Back After An Autoimmune Diagnosis

  • First and foremost, Dr. Gonzalez likes to discuss diet.
  • If you are taking a bunch of meds, then you are not going to get better.
  • Stem cells will give you a temporary effect unless you are doing all the key lifestyle components.
  • Think about your goal.
  • Gonzalez doesn’t help people who are smoking. Stem cells will simply be a Band-Aid.
  • Overall, stop smoking, start fasting, and fix your diet.


[33:00] How Frequently You Should Consider Working With ReHealth’s Cell Therapeutics

  • How often you will need cell therapeutics will depend on your goals and your situation.
  • Some people will have one session and feel great for the next five or six years.
  • Most people will get therapeutics every six months or every year.
  • The effect of stem cells initially is far greater than the sequential effects.

[42:30] The Type of Person That Should Seriously Consider Cell Therapeutics

  • If you have immune issues, you need cell therapeutics.
  • Also, if you’ve tried everything else, then you should try cell therapeutics.
  • Sadly, doctors will want to hand you a pill.
  • If you are going to go see someone, find someone who knows integrative medicine.
  • If you have any questions, Dr. Gonzalez wants to answer them!
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