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The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

Mar 30, 2020

Today I interview someone crazy passionate about helping families stay healthy for life, Dr. Mindy Pelz. Her best-selling book, The Reset Factor, was released in 2015, giving people all over the world access to a clear step-by-step path to creating a healthy, vibrant, energy-filled life free from disease and suffering.

The launch of her book ignited the RESETTER TRIBE. The Resetters are a tribe of like-minded people all supporting each other, exchanging health ideas, and cheering one another on to better health. Most recently, The Resetters did a 4-day fast together, all helping one another to the finish line.

Raising two active teens of her own, Dr. Mindy is deeply concerned about the toxic world our children are growing up in today. Too many children are suffering. Autism, Learning Disabilities, Anxiety, Depression, Food Allergies, Thyroid Conditions, Chronic Fatigue, and Cancer are at an all-time high in our youth. Dr. Mindy believes that healthy adults start with healthy children and that in this day in age, parents need better solutions for keeping their kids healthy.

In this episode, Dr. Mindy dives deep into her personal story – she was extremely healthy at the age of forty. However, one day she started experiencing depression, anxiety, and sleep issues. Dr. Mindy realized she needed to try something different. Dr. Mindy speaks about her journey with fasting and explains the benefits of fasting for women. Plus, Dr. Mindy reveals how you can tell if you are fasting too much and tips for fasting and eating around a women’s period. Stay tuned as Dr. Mindy speaks about detoxification and what to do when menopause hits.

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[00:20] About Dr. Mindy

  • When Dr. Mindy hit forty, she was in the best shape of her life. She didn’t know anything about fasting or detox. However, she was in an amazing place with her health.
  • Shortly after, Dr. Mindy started having trouble with her sleep, depression, and anxiety.
  • Mindy realized she needed to start doing something different.
  • The wake-up moment for Dr. Mindy was when her family and friends told her it was menopause.
  • “We are living in one of the most toxic times in human history.” -Dr. Mindy


[08:30] Dr. Mindy Started Fasting

  • Mindy knew that she wanted to learn water fasting for three to five days. However, she had all these limiting beliefs about fasting.
  • Mindy met a nine-year-old who was on his second day of a water fast. That’s when she realized anyone could do it.
  • Then, Dr. Mindy started doing way too much fasting and tanked her sex hormones.
  • Women need to be careful about how much fasting they do.


[10:40] Signs Women Are Fasting Too Much

  • Hair loss is a significant sign.
  • When you stimulate autophagy, it will start to clean the cells. It can also look at the cell and decide to kill it. When the cell dies, it doesn’t have a mechanism to handle the environmental toxins.
  • If you are gaining weight, that is also a sign you are fasting too much.
  • Spotting is a sign of low progesterone.


[13:10] How to Help the Detoxification of Toxins

  • There are some simple things you can do:
    • Dry brushing
    • Loofa under armpits and on neck
    • Walk during fasting
    • Castor oil packs
    • Coffee enemas
  • Add a heavy metal detox.


[15:40] How to Fast for Your Cycle   

  • If you have a regular cycle, start tracking it.
  • Mindy uses the Clue app.
  • On day 12 to day 14, there’s a short window where estrogen has to be made. You need glucose to produce estrogen. It will help you ovulate.
  • If you are in menopause, that 12 to 14 day period means you need to step out of ketosis. Do a hormone building day. Eat beans, squashes, and potatoes. Once day 14 hits, you can go back to keto and fasting. On day 21, the same rules apply – step out of ketosis.
  • The first month you try keto, you need to figure out ketosis for you.


[21:20] Will Carbs Slow Down the Progress for Women?  

  • Instead of doing 15 hours of fasting, try 17 hours.
  • Start doing two or three days of hormone building rather than seven days.
  • Hopefully, you can balance the hormones but still give you the weight loss.
  • Some women have been doing one meal a day and stopped losing weight. If that’s you, eating this way will actually make you lose weight. Step out and do something different.


[23:05] Problems With Getting Too Much Autophagy  

  • You get stuck with your weight loss goals.
  • Hair will fall out.
  • Women will start getting hot flashes.
  • Women will lose their periods.
  • Muscles will begin to break down.


[27:00] About The Menopause Reset


[30:00] The Most Exciting Thing Dr. Mindy is Working On

  • The book has been a fun experience – she can give precise answers to a specific generation of women who are suffering.
  • Mindy is saddened by how toxic our environment is. People are suffering.
  • We need to understand that the world is toxic, and we need to detox.
  • People need a different skill set than they have now.




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