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The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

Aug 24, 2022

Dr Ken Berry MD reveals why the proper human diet is the best diet for inflammation. You'll learn the difference between acute inflammation and chronic inflammation, and which foods are best for reducing inflammation inside your body.

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The Differences Between Acute Inflammation and Chronic Inflammation There's acute inflammation, which comes on suddenly and serves particular roles. The inflammation after an acute injury is the first step of the healing process. So, why would you want to ice down an inflamed joint? If you do that, you are fighting what the body is trying to do. If you ice down a joint, it takes longer to heal, but you also increase your risk of winding up with a chronic disability.

The second type of inflammation is called inappropriate chronic inflammation. This type of inflammation is caused by lifestyle choices and diet. Your weight will come off when you change nutrition, and your inflammation will decrease. Then, you’ll feel more motivated to exercise. Learn all about Dr Berry, and Ken Berry proper human diet which is his new book. Dr Ken Berry proper human diet is one of the best anti inflammatory diets you can follow.


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