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The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

Sep 18, 2020

Today, I am grateful to have another robust conversation with a Chiropractic Doctor, Registered Medical Assistant, and Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Expert, Dr. John A. Lieurance. He has practiced in Sarasota for 24 years.  

Dr. Lieurance has a gift for difficult cases where other practitioners have failed. With the successful integration of Functional Neurology, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Nutrition using the Asyra, Detoxification Programs and LumoMed inner ear therapy. His Musculoskeletal Ultrasound training includes over 100 hours through the Gulf Coast Ultrasound Institute, 60 hours through AAOM, 90 hours through AOAPRM, and 60 through TOBI.

He also has extensive training for sterile lab procedures and the processing of blood platelets, bone marrow aspirate, and adipose tissue through Oregen Biologics, Emcyte Corporation, Ron Gardener, M.D. (orthopedic surgeon), Regenestem and the Ageless Regenerative Institute. He has been an assistant instructor for hands on practicum for diagnosis using musculoskeletal ultrasound for the 3rd Annual Platelet Rich Plasma & Regenerative Medicine Symposium in Los Angeles, California in 2015, and was a speaker at the Florida Chiropractic Physicians Association (FCPA) in Orlando, Florida in 2016 on Clinical Applications of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound.

He has completed training with Dr Richie Shoemaker in 2019 for diagnosis & treatment of CIRS and with the “Shoemaker Protocol”. His techniques include Continuing Chiropractic Education: Chiropractic Neurology, – Applied Kinesiology “AK”, Cold Laser Therapy, Extremity Adjusting, Sports Injury Taping, Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries, Lumbar and Cervical Disc Decompression, Pettibon Scoliosis through the Carrick Institute of Functional Neurology as well as Vestibular Rehabilitation & Movement Disorders through the Carrick Institute in 2012,’16, ’17, ’18. Dr. Lieurance is the developer of Functional Cranial Release and teaches, as well as certifies, these methods to doctors around the world.

In this episode, Dr. Lieurance opens the show describing the advantages of a functional cranial release. He then explains how our body likes to make energy and the benefits of melatonin on the process. He dives into the amount of melatonin we should be taking, how we should take it, and how we can naturally produce more melatonin. Learn about Dr. Lieurance’s new product Sandman Sol and be sure to check out all of his products and use the code “ketokamp”

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[00:55] About Functional Cranial Release

  • It’s a manipulation of the cranium using a force from inside out.
  • The force is expansive, and it takes the pressure off of the bone called the sphenoid bone, which is in the center of your head.
  • Information around cranial work needs to get out there. It’s a little known technique that people need to hear about.
  • People with chronic headaches or balance disorders can significantly benefit from a functional cranial release.

[05:15] Understanding Melatonin

  • People can take higher doses of melatonin for inflammation.
  • Melatonin also works on the mitochondria; it’s an essential structure for every cell in our body.
  • You don’t want to burn your cell out. Things are going in and out of the cell membrane. You want it to be as clean as possible.
  • The mitochondria make its own melatonin. It does it for a significant reason – when things get too hot, melatonin will cool it done. You get oxidation from the burning of energy; melatonin will quench the oxidation.
  • Oral absorption of melatonin is low – only about two percent is absorbed into the body. The suppository is a direct route into the bloodstream.
  • Check out Dr. Lieurance’s product SandMan Sol™. It contains 250mg of Glutathione, 200mg of Melatonin, Terpene Blend (Limonene, boswellia), and their proprietary AP0-808™ probiotic strain. The body’s two most potent antioxidants, Glutathione, and Melatonin together!


[12:30] How Cancer Works

  • Cancer happens when the cell no longer can make energy efficiently, and it goes to a primitive way of creating energy.
  • Instead of making 36 ATPS, you only make 4.
  • Because of inflammation, you make less energy.
  • The Cytokine Storm is what kills people.
  • Melatonin can penetrate the cell and quench the cycle so you can start making energy effectively.

[19:50] You Won’t Shut Down Your Ability To Make Melatonin

  • There is an idea that too much melatonin is somehow a danger. However, there is no negative feedback.
  • When you take testosterone, you’ll make less of it. With melatonin, this doesn’t happen. You can take high doses, quit, and the very next night, you’ll produce the same amount of melatonin.

[21:10] Other Cool Things About Melatonin   

  • Melatonin is critical for disease prevention and slowing down aging.
  • When don’t have a lot of energy, it’s common for people not to clean their house. Whenever everything is clean, everything is more effective. The same thing happens in your body. When you don’t have energy, your body will start doing what is most important and go into survival mode.

[25:25] How To Increase Melatonin In The Body

  • Getting sunlight first thing in the morning will help produce melatonin in your body.
  • People wear sunglasses too much. Be smart about it. Don’t go out on the paddleboard all day long and burn your eyes. However, it would help if you had sunlight throughout the day. Before 11 am, and after 4 pm, you should be able to navigate without sunglasses.
  • The green and blue lights will suppress melatonin. People are watching TV, on their cell phone and their iPad. It’s keeping you up at night.
  • Buy red rope lights to put around your house. The lights on the wall switches should not be used at night.
  • Buy blue-blocking glasses and turn on the night shift for your phone.


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