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The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

Dec 31, 2021

Today, I am blessed to have here with me for a second time Dr. Cate Shanahan. She is the leading authority on nutrition and human metabolism.

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A board-certified Family Physician with over 20 years of clinical experience, and NY Times bestselling author of The FatBurn Fix, Deep Nutrition and Food Rules, her expertise is fixing the underlying problems that cause metabolic damage and inflammation, leading to autoimmunity, weight gain, diabetes, cancer and accelerated aging processes. Her passion is helping people feel their best.

After getting her BS in biology from Rutgers University, she trained in biochemistry and genetics at Cornell University’s graduate school before attending Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. She practiced in Hawaii for ten years where she studied ethnobotany and her healthiest patient’s culinary habits. 

She applied her learning and experiences in all these scientific fields to write Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food. Together with Dr. Tim DiFrancesco and NBA legend Gary Vitti, she created the PRO Nutrition program for the LA Lakers and helped forge a partnership between Whole Foods Market and numerous NBA teams. 

In May of 2018 she begin  Director of Metabolic Health for ABC Fine Wine and Spirits, a progressive, family-run company interested in saving money by the betterment of health. 

She’s also the Medical & Scientific Advisor at CB Supplements, overseeing their premium-grade multi collagen protein, and for beliv, a forward-thinking Latin American beverage company. 

In this episode, Dr. Cate explains how we are kept on an island of unhealthy seed oils. We chat about how these seeds oils are being stored in our body fat for years at a time and why extended fasts may not be safe for people who are not metabolically healthy. We talk about the differences between monounsaturated, saturated, and polyunsaturated fats. Then, Dr. Cate reveals how dietary linoleic acid omega-6 ends up in our membranes and inner fat cells. Tune in as Dr. Cate chats about the effects of fatty acids on mitochondria and why our mitochondria love a ketogenic lifestyle.

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[01:30] When You’re Scared of Fat, You’ll Be Hungry For Processed Foods

  • We are kept on an island of unhealthy seed oils by traumas around saturated fat and cholesterol.
  • When you’re scared of traditional fats, then that opens you up to being hungry for whatever the processed food companies want to feed you.
  • Processed foods always have a lot of seed oils in them.
  • Seed oils are truly toxic.


[06:50] The Differences Between Monounsaturated, Saturated, and Polyunsaturated Fats

  • Monounsaturated is the main fatty acid in olive oil.
  • The most common fats in seed oils are polyunsaturated.
  • Saturated fats are the most common fat in coconut oil. It’s also the most prevalent fat in butter.
  • The difference between these fats chemically is the stability to heat.
  • Saturated fats are the most stable and have an antioxidant effect.
  • Polyunsaturated fatty acids oxidize and create oxidative stress.


[12:40] The Metabolic Pathway For How Dietary Linoleic Acid Omega-6 Ends Up In The Membranes and Inner Fat Cells

  • You swallow a potato chip, and it gets broken up in your stomach a few hours later.
  • Then it shows up in your intestinal tract where enzymes from your pancreas break apart the fats in there.
  • Most of the fats are in the form of triglycerides. We have to use lipases in our pancreas to break it up.
  • From there, it goes into the intestinal cells. Later, it gets picked up from your liver.
  • The liver takes it all apart and repackages it in this thing called low-density lipoprotein.


[21:50] How Seed Oils Can Stay In Your Body For Extended Periods of Time

  • Linoleic acid in our fat cells has a long half-life.
  • Body fat is stuck with us until we use it.
  • If you’ve been eating seed oils your whole life, it will take a couple of years for it to be gone.
  • If you aren’t metabolically healthy or fit, you shouldn’t do extended fasts because they're releasing so many pro-inflammatory oils all at once.


[27:35] Should I Avoid Peanut Oil or Eat More Peanut Oil?

  • Peanut oil is okay if it's unrefined.
  • In fact, peanut oil is actually good because it’s a traditional fat.
  • Some peanuts have oil profiles that are more like olives.
  • There’s a lot of variables with plants, so it's hard to be absolute about anything.
  • The best quality peanuts are the larger ones, and they do have a better fatty acid profile.


[33:15] Why Do Some People Think That Seed Oils Are Good For You?  

  • The American Heart Association pumps out 13 journals either weekly or monthly.
  • They're putting out hundreds of articles every year, funded by Procter & Gamble and other companies selling junk food and seed oils.
  • The American Heart Association is giving out the wrong information.
  • Dietitians are doing their homework; their job is to read the wrong pile of articles.
  • The American Heart Association is the biggest fake news organization out there.


[36:30] Effects of Fatty Acids on Mitochondria: Implications For Cell Death

  • Read the article Effects of Fatty Acids on Mitochondria: Implications For Cell Death:
  • This study explains why people who have PUFA in their body fat will feel tired when they go on a diet.
  • PUFA is a terrible fuel for your body cells.
  • The mitochondria will stop producing energy when their fuel is PUFA.
  • When people go on a diet, they feel like they can’t do it anymore because they are so tired. Energy loss is a huge part of obesity.


[44:55] Why Ketones Are A Great Energy Source For The Mitochondria

  • Ketones are designed out of your body fat.
  • When you're burning your body fat, and your liver is healthy, it makes ketones for you.
  • Ketones are like predigested fuel.
  • Ketones are a better fuel, and our cells actually work better when they have access to that better fuel.
  • Hearts that have access to ketones can actually pump 30% harder than hearts that don't.


[47:45] The Brain Needs Omega-3 and Omega-6: Here’s What You Need To Know

  • Your brain needs omega-3 and omega-6. However, your brain needs longer omega-3 and omega-6.
  • Only fish and animal products can have long versions of omega-3 and omega-6.
  • You have to have these enzymes that elongate them. If you've been eating too much seed oil, your enzymes are not functional, and they don’t work very well.
  • Fatty liver is such a devastating disease because it cannot elongate these fatty acids.




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