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The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

Jun 15, 2020

Today, I am grateful to have here with me, Dental Dame, Functional Doctor, Speaker, Podcaster, and Mouth-Body Expert, Dr. Caitlin Czezowski D.C, CFMP, CACCP.

After graduating from NWHSU, Dr. Caitlin and her husband moved to Denver CO and opened their first chiropractic office. Only a couple of months into practice, they both noticed that their health began to decline. Her husband gained thirty pounds in a month, despite being physically active and "eating healthy," and Caitlin noticed that her energy and brain clarity took a turn for the worst. In their quest to find out what was going on, they came across post-graduate training in functional endocrinology and clinical nutrition. After finding out the root causes of their issues, and applying the knowledge they learned, the symptoms "magically" disappeared.

It was at this point that Dr. Caitlin knew others were out there needlessly suffering and desperately looking for a different approach to address their health issues. So they redirected their focus to teaching those how to get healthy and stay healthy. She truly believes that no two people are alike even though people can have similar symptoms or problems, it doesn't mean their causes are the same. In private practice, they focus on helping diabetics and individuals suffering from hormone imbalances.

Women N Wellness was created because now we are seeing younger and younger women, even teenagers suffering from poor health, with nowhere to turn. The Women N Wellness community is a place to teach women how to take back their health and live the quality life they deserve (work, home, and personally), along with raising happy, healthy kids in the process. It is truly a dream come true, especially embarking on this journey with two very passionate, talented, female doctors that Dr. Caitlin admires very much; Dr. Mindy and Dr. Sonya.

In this episode, Dr. Caitlin dives deep into her story and explains what inspires her work with Women N Wellness today. Dental work could be the reason you aren't losing weight and why it may be hard to enter and stay in ketosis. Dr. Caitlin explains what cavitation is and why you most likely have at least one. Plus, Dr. Caitlin reveals how you can test for cavitations and what you need to ask a dentist when talking about cavitations. Later, Dr. Caitlin describes precisely what is wrong with silver-filings. Stay tuned as Dr. Caitlin reveals everything you need to know about getting those silver-fillings removed and detoxing from mercury.

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[00:30] About Dr. Caitlin

  • Caitlin had her tonsils and adenoids removed at the age of 7 because of chronic strep.
  • She had eight adult teeth pulled because "she didn't have room in my mouth for all of them" (four were wisdom teeth.)
  • Plus, Dr. Caitlin had four GINORMOUS cavitations where her wisdom teeth were supposed to be.
  • Needless to say, Dr. Caitlin finally has completely balanced hormones. However, it took looking at her mouth to figure out her hormone issues. The mouth is a prominent source of toxic material.

[04:45] About Cavitations

  • Cavitations are holes in a jawbone. Your gums heal, but the bone never fills in.
  • Cavitations are like a cave for nasty bacteria to cause havoc. The bacteria has free reign to go wherever they need in your body.
  • Our mouth is the gateway to our gut. So what happens in your mouth will transfer to the gut. Plus, what happens in one end can affect the other.
  • The big problem with cavitations is that it’s a constant stressor on your immune system.
  • Caitlin had four cavitations – one got so bad that the doctor was worried they might break her jaw.
  • The chance of having a cavitation in the spots of wisdom teeth is 77%.
  • There is a safe way to get your wisdom teeth pulled in order to prevent a cavitation from forming, you just need to find the right surgeon.

[10:45] How to Test for Cavitations

  • Unfortunately, standard x-rays do not show infected jawbones.
  • When you are looking for infections, you have to get a dental cone-beam. Cone-beams are 3D scans of your jaw.
  • Problems in your mouth can cause tonsil and sinus issues.
  • A holistic dentist will know the safest and most effective way to help their patients.


[14:45] What to Ask Your Dentist About Cavitations

  • First, make sure that your dentist has a cone-beam scanner.
  • Also, know that even if a small infection is showing, there is a potential that it will be bigger than the scan.

[17:25] Why Silver-Fillings Are A Problem   

  • Silver-fillings are a touchy subject for a lot of people.
  • Unfortunately, most silver-fillings are 45% – 55% mercury by weight. The rest of the composition is between other metals.
  • Depending on where your dentist gets the silver-filling from, there will be a difference between the mercury levels.
  • Most people know that mercury is a toxin. It’s one of the most highly toxic substances on earth.
  • Our silver fillings will get aggravated and create off-gas. The off-gas is the problem. In older fillings, the mercury will drop to 30%. The mercury goes to our brains, our nerves, or our fat cells. Our bodies become so inflamed from the off-gassing.
  • Get the silver fillings appropriately removed. It’s safer to keep the silver fillings in your mouth than get them removed by a traditional dentist.

[30:00] How Mercury Can Play A Role On Keto And Fasting

  • Some people still can’t lose weight because of mercury.
  • If mercury is in the brain, our thyroids may not work properly. It also will control our fat-burning hormones.
  • When mercury is in our brain, it will store the fat in our body as a life-saving measure.

[32:20] Asking Your Dentist About Filling Removals  

  • What to ask your dentist:
    • Do you use non-latex gloves and a barrier?
    • Do you have a mercury separator?
    • Do you use a charcoal solution?
    • Do you completely drape the patient?
    • Do you have your own source of oxygen?
    • Do you remove mercury fillings in big chunks versus little pieces?

[33:45] What To Do After Getting Your Fillings Removed

  • The off-gas has made a hole somewhere.
  • Just because you have the fillings removed, your mercury hasn’t left.
  • Make sure you find a practitioner that can help you properly detox.
  • Everybody should have a customized approach to their detox.
  • Removing mercury from your brain will take years.

[39:10] The Importance of Ketosis and Fasting on Detox

  • Our body gets into a routine, and then it stops working.
  • Cycling detox is so essential to break a routine.
  • Make sure that we are not intoxicating ourselves more with the foods that we are eating.
  • Grains are useless – we get so few vitamins from them.
  • The foods that we are eating need to be clean.
  • Ketosis is a cleaner burn, and it means we aren’t relying on sugar.
  • Our body can utilize ketosis better than sugar. When we have excess sugar, our hormones will go out of whack.
  • Make sure that you are cycling your food. Not just between ketosis and fasting, but also eating seasonally.


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