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The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

Dec 27, 2020

Today, I am blessed to have here with me Chris Irvin, a nutrition researcher, writer, and educator. He holds a master's degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science and is currently the education manager for Perfect Keto.

During his time in grad school, Chris began to see the keto industry growing. Chris was in big support of this industry growth because he thinks a robust industry can support good research, but with so many companies coming on the scene just trying to make a buck, Chris became discouraged and kept his distance.


After spending a couple of years researching and developing content about keto, Chris decided to start looking more into the keto industry because he wanted to bring more research and education into the industry. Fortunately, Perfect Keto was looking for someone to improve research and education within their company, something they were already doing very well!

Chris was already a big fan of Dr. Anthony Gustin and the quality products he was making at Perfect Keto, so it ended up making a great fit. Now Chris focuses on learning and educating the masses on the ketogenic diet through The Ketologist and Perfect Keto!

In this episode, Chris Irvin opens the show speaking about his journey to the keto diet and eventually the carnivore diet. First, we talk about how ketosis can actually help you build muscle despite people thinking insulin is required for muscle growth. In fact, ketones can stimulate muscle growth. Later, we dive deep into the carnivore diet. Chris explains how he found the carnivore diet, why the carnivore diet is beneficial for our gut, and if the carnivore diet is sustainable long-term. Tune in as Keto Kamp members join the show to ask Chris questions about supplements and what to pay attention to when trying the carnivore diet.

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[02:00] About Chris Irvin

  • Chris found the keto diet at age 24.
  • At grad school, he learned about the benefits of keto from a sports perspective.
  • When Chris tried keto, he didn't feel that great. However, after a few days, Chris started to feel energized.
  • During his research at grad school, Chris got to look at how keto would affect athletic performance.
  • If you want to learn about the therapeutic effects of keto, Chris recommends reading Tripping over the Truth:
  • Chris became frustrated that all this research was available, but people didn’t have access to it. So, Chris decided to start making content to educate the masses on the ketogenic diet.


[16:45] How Ketosis Helps You Build Muscle

  • People think carbohydrates and insulin are required for muscle growth. However, you don’t have to have them.
  • There are other ways that you can stimulate muscle growth.
  • Ketones are muscle-sparing. You don’t lose muscle with ketosis.
  • Ketones can also stimulate muscle growth by activating muscle proteins.
  • Getting enough protein will be essential for muscle growth, especially for men.
  • Even for people who aren’t focused on gaining muscle, there should be a focus on retaining muscle.
  • Chronic diseases will destroy our health through muscle loss – so increase your protein intake.

[21:00] How Chris Got Into Carnivore

  • Chris tried carnivore about two and a half years ago.
  • At first, Chris didn’t think an all-meat diet would be beneficial for people.
  • After trying carnivore, he loved the way that he felt. It also changed the way that he looks at nutrition because he now prioritizes quality meat.
  • Chris found that the carnivore diet gives him more strength in the gym, improves his productivity, decreases his hunger, improves his body composition, and even increases his ketone levels.
  • After seeing the stories and hearing so many people who get excellent benefits from a carnivore diet, Chris thinks people can decide if it's the right fit for them.

[26:40] Getting Vitamins And Minerals Through The Carnivore Diet

  • Surprisingly, there are loads of nutrients in red meat.
  • People think that plants provide us with essential micronutrients, and cutting them out will lead to deficiencies. However, micronutrients in plants are poorly absorbed in humans.
  • Ketones are able to provide the benefits that vitamin C does. Plus, your demand for vitamin C will be less when you’re in ketosis.
  • You need lots of vitamins on the standard American diet; your body doesn’t need as many vitamins in a carnivore diet.

[31:45] Repairing The Gut With Carnivore   

  • Gut health will improve with the carnivore diet for two reasons:
    • Plants contain compounds that are toxic, and they can wreak havoc on our bodies. Some people are sensitive to these plants from overconsumption. So, when we eliminate those plants, the gut can start to heal through carnivore.
    • Meat will provide nutrients to help with the repair of your gut. It can repair the lining of your gut and the structure of your gut. Thus, reducing leaky gut syndrome.

[38:20] Is The Carnivore Diet Sustainable?  

  • The carnivore diet is sustainable for an extended period of time. There is no reason to think that this diet is going to be bad for us.
  • If you’re talking about sustainability for enjoying the diet, then it depends on the person. For someone who likes to cook and needs more flavor, the carnivore diet can be a bit boring.
  • People can benefit from the carnivore as a diet as a tool in their toolbelt. Use the diet in four to six-week blocks.
  • You can join The Carnivore Reset Challenge:

[52:20] Supplements For The Carnivore Diet

  • Electrolytes will be a necessity on the carnivore diet.
  • Find a powder or a capsule electrolyte supplement.

[56:00] Repairing The Gut After Antibiotics

  • The longer you’ve been taking antibiotics, the more damage that has occurred in your gut.
  • In most cases, there is a two-week minimum to try the carnivore diet to see how your digestion is responding.
  • Impaired gut health will zap your energy and prevent you from feeling great. If you’re not feeling great on carnivore, then you need to stick with it longer.

[59:20] Feeling Better On Carnivore

  • There should be a noticeable change that your quality of life is better on the carnivore diet. When you’re healthy, you’ll feel better.
  • Digestion should improve.
  • You won’t feel bloated or nauseous after meals.
  • More energy and more mental clarity will also be a sign that the carnivore diet is working.


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// E P I S O D E   S P ON S O R S 

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