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The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

Jun 19, 2020

Ben Azadi gives tips on how to start the ketogenic diet, health tips for business people, benefits of intermittent fasting, & more.▸ [FREE] 🔥E-BOOK: "The Keto Kickstart Guide: 4 Steps to Burning Fat Instead of Sugar

During this interview, we discussed the following:

👉 3 ways to use fasting for SERIOUS fat loss

👉 Debunking fasting myths

👉  The role counter regulatory hormones play

👉 How to set an intermittent fasting schedule that works for you

👉 The benefits of dry fasting

👉 Block (extended) fasting explained

👉 And so much more

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01:05 Fasting facts recorded in history.
04:34 The REAL cause of weight gain and weight loss resistance
06:00 The role fat burning hormones play with your cells and cell membrane receptor sites
07:45 Why cell membrane inflammation prevents the body from fast weight loss even with intermittent fasting and keto
08:10 Why you don’t have a weight problem. You have a weight symptom
08:40 Why eating frequently raises the fat storage hormone insulin and causes weight gain
10:33 How fasting pumps you full of energy by activating counter regulatory hormones
11:33 Study showed a 13% increase in the metabolism after a 4 day water fast
14:15 The first way to practice fast for maximum fat loss: The 5-1-1 Rule. This is ideal for someone who wants to lose 5-15lbs of extra fat
16:35 The second way to practice fasting for serious aft loss: The 4-2-1 Rule: This is ideal for someone who wants to lose 15-30lbs of extra fat
17:45 The third way to practice fasting for serious aft loss: OMAD DIET: This is ideal for someone who wants to lose 30+ pounds of extra fat
18:50 How to break your fast for weight loss. use ketokamp at checkout for 15% off
20:50 The benefits of block extended fasting for maximum autophagy and weight loss
21:40 The surprising fat loss and healing benefits of dry fasting

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