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The Keto Kamp Podcast With Ben Azadi

Sep 14, 2020

Are you struggling to practice intermittent fasting? Founder of Keto Kamp, Ben Azadi, reveals 3 reasons why, and how to overcome fasting struggles. ▸ [FREE] 🔥E-BOOK: "The Keto Kickstart Guide: 4 Steps to Burning Fat Instead of Sugar" |

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To determine whether or not your fasting schedule is working for you, test you blood glucose and ketones.

We want to see blood glucose drop during a fast, and blood ketones (BHB) raise during the fast.

If you do not see this trend, it is most commonly because of 3 reasons...

  1. Toxicity issue. When you are burning fat with fasting, your body burns toxins stored in fat cells. If you have a lot of toxins, this can cause you to feel tired and even bad with fasting. Is fasting harmful to your health if you have high levels of toxins? Possibly yet. This is why I recommend taking my

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  1. Too much stress (mental/emotional/chemical). Fasting itself is a stressor to the body.
  2. Mentally psyching yourself out. This one is common amongst intermittent fasting beginners.

What if you are hungry during your intermittent fast? It's important to understand that hunger comes in waves. The hunger hormone ghrelin will spike and go back down. Keep yourself busy, and ride the hunger wave.

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